while you sleep I breathe you, Fountained here & drugged on three 

smiling in the happiness possessed deep within the inches, hidden under tissue right to the heart of it and listening to the branches bend in their direction--northeast at the moment--the sound of bend,

but mostly wanted to tell you while the gecko laughs and M soothes M (yet again poisoned by the loss of she)
wanted to tell you amongst this ruckus of fan and screws loose and prowlers loud soft snarl into fantasy
wanted to tell you --in your ear-- right there, (rippling)
above from where i like to take portions with my tongue (licking)
wanted to tell you that the feeling is good.

Cheshire like, curling, fading
i dance to sleep,
with you.


A thousand birds scream as they scatter.


There is no place to go or come. No thing. 

I am liquidated in the pile of moving light.