Visual Media is only in its infancy. Deemed billion-dollar in 2013 with the debut of Pinterest, the visual mediascape has barely begun. The idea for Gaze was thought up when I couldn’t find an app to stream curated images in an aesthetically pleasing way. I wanted to view media and the story the visual tells us without the distractions. I didn’t even want to have to flip or click anything–just wanted it live, in real time, to view all of it like a stock ticker of favorites.  I wanted to be able to pause and rearrange, to set a "playlist" of visuals as needed.  Being motivated by beauty it is easy for one to find satisfying visuals on the various media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Artsy, Flipboard, Sedition, VSCO, Oggl, and many others. 

The Mission is to deliver your stream as it happens in a simple and smooth clutter-free way with the least effort required. One piece of information to enjoy at a time. Stop, pause, or replay as you wish, or just enjoy your stream as it happens. Enjoy your feed as a visual experience without having to press or flip anything. The beauty of Gaze is that it is always there, live, wherever you are. 

Life is Happening. Make sure you see the story unfold day by day.