red horse rising

Time moves thick and my tea goes cold.                     

You are emerging out of the ocean water, sifting through the fog.

I can clearly see You in my dreaming state and I already know that I love you.

What is destiny and what is fate? What is the true quality of it? 

Can I see You through the yellow and white lined curtains, the wine colored rose or the Virgin Mary’s stare?

Why have You bellowed down from the wide open blue?

What have You to teach me and why do I see in two? There is not-two, and yet there "you" are. An alarm clock, nagging me awake in my dreams of fog at grandma's house in Pacific Grove.

Why do I give you credit and validation when you are in my head?

Is it because I paint a picture on the wall and act it out or is because I am in the picture being drawn?

These things I confess not to know. I sip my warming tea and time slows to a pond.

Glancing down into it as he walks by, he sees me staring back out.

Longing for the merging of the two, she finishes her tea, waits for the lavender and closes her eyes into the sleeping realm of true.    -Aug 28, 2004

The Red Horse

Plastic and small, hardly detailed.

More like a pony.

Has a small loop to lace a ratty brown leather necklace string through.

When it comes out of my dreams and into my hands, it will be sign.

Then I will know. The time is not now.

In the more-near future.

But it is coming.

This I know.    -August 31, 2004

photo of the small horse I kept having dreams of--saw this tiny necklace at a shop in the coming weeks and it was symbolic for me that my spiritual journey was taking a pleasant turn.