sun flares

Arising out the corner of my heart, shining.
Eyes cannot find light without being
first blinded.
In my happiness, a young phoenix
charcoal-kissed, singing in darkness.
I kick-jumped toward you
and missed.
I missed you.

Sand thrown and thumbs bitten; hands ripped and head torn,
a world run and still you lie
in my heart-bed with zero function
a painful genius refusing to die.

Golden rule and ratio; an ocean of silence exposing you.
If this midnight lo-phi creates
a healing prism
let the great earth shift and ripple
to that Eden prison so I can take back the key
and undo it.

Now exploding everything I touch
like clay statues in a row under a thousand leagues.
Like a soiled dove on Eve's ledge I had already fallen
but this love I rest in
a pillow vessel into silent galaxies.

I saw it finally, arising out of the corner of my heart, shining.
Levitating and rotating, a radiant white conch perfect bliss in blue light.
A purity overcoming the verse of she into union with midnight He.

This sun flare will explode you into infinity
if you could see.
If you could see it and touch it and feel it, and know it.
If you could look this in the eye you'd come running to die
in its midnight light.