the lotus room

We find love near the valley,

clean rain


at times underground, 

leading to a Perfect pond of candied glass 

silent, unobstructed, hidden happy in the realm of Blue. 

Within this realm, I tell you now, come and find Me

steeped in lotus room.  


My relationship to You is skirting wide

billowing out here to there. 

I hop, I leap, I scrape, I hold, 

I dig, I teeth, I wish, I crash,

Swimming through wonder 

gasping for Instruction, 

I believe if I can only find it, 

I will be able to come and stay awhile.


You see it if you become sensitive to My State and forward fall Awake 

to my dear friend Grace.

Come stay with Me awhile and live out this dream

created under fluid sky, versatile.

“I love you now, I’ll love you then!”


Simple, easy Lion, guarding the First Room.         

Castled on a cloud within lotus-blossomed swoon.  

Lathe away my soul and leave the best of the rest 

laying sideways, heart-up to soak in Your Juice,                                             

within the perfect lotus room.