The Lotus Room by Shasta McBride


We find love near the valley,

clean rain


at times underground, 

leading to a Perfect pond of candied glass 

silent, unobstructed, hidden happy in the realm of Blue. 

Within this realm, I tell you now, come and find Me

steeped in lotus room.  


My relationship to You is skirting wide

billowing out here to there. 

I hop, I leap, I scrape, I hold, 

I dig, I teeth, I wish, I crash,

Swimming through wonder 

gasping for Instruction, 

I believe if I can only find it, 

I will be able to come and stay awhile.


You see it if you become sensitive to My State and forward fall Awake 

to my dear friend Grace.

Come stay with Me awhile and live out this dream

created under fluid sky, versatile.

“I love you now, I’ll love you then!”


Simple, easy Lion, guarding the First Room.         

Castled on a cloud within lotus-blossomed swoon.  

Lathe away my soul and leave the best of the rest 

laying sideways, heart-up to soak in Your Juice,                                             

within the perfect lotus room.

PALACE OF THE MIND by Shasta McBride

Scan 28.jpg

April 1, 2010

Cherries ripen on diluted branch—

24-karat dances neck, then lapped.

Silks in clash-- fuchsia, royal blue.

Temples warmed, head imbued.


The palace of the mind is filled only with feeling—

Heart and thoughtless He,

caressing thighs of mind,

calming fears in abundance; simplicity.

Massage Darlings into threads that sew the

small of my back.

Peopled ladies, steeple chase rides—

drip the current and open wide.

click to listen: Palace of the Mind by Red Horse Rising

PENUMBRAE by Shasta McBride



To the man who can't yet see behind this mask I must tell you
there's no one here. 
This plaster is a pink shell that holds the ocean.
To the man who can't yet see beyond his reflection in the lake, 
perhaps he can intuit from the soft embrace of moonlight lash
and the true water his fingers touch.
To the man who sees only in the brutality of subject-object
know that you will only consume and destroy the desired endgame of your search.

To the man in love with the realm of changes I lay next to you in comfort during the shifts.
To the man who thinks he speaks to her above, she says no, sir, then you have not seen me.

Like your forearm I am that familiar. 
Whispering in your ear a soft wake up.
Wake up, darling. We are home now.
My sweet lord, do not ever leave.

When fear dissolves I am always alone with you, in the sunlight sheets. 
How free we kiss. 
When fear returns I long for you. Come back to me, forget that cage. I could scream about my cage, sometime, if it returns. 
Don't tell the lie of the lotus eater. I will shatter in two.

To the man who can't yet see, perhaps he can feel.  Roll the stone in love of what's Real.
I am in love with you.
To the man who does not yet know himself most fully do not believe anything that causes fear. It is not true.
To the man who thinks I am writing to him, I am not. You wrote this and speak this too.
To the man who can't yet see behind this mask I must tell you there is no one here but you.
She does not exist. Neither do you.

I wrote this to myself. I want to wake up. I dreamt you! I want to wake up.

To the man who can see me he knows I've been his lover this whole time.
To the man who can see me he locates me and does not let me out of his sight.
To the man who sees me I am the only thing he sees no matter where he looks.
To the man who sees me he cannot think of any other thing to do.
To the man who sees me he loves me instantly on the spot and can never feel lonely again.

SUN FLARES by Shasta McBride



Arising out the corner of my heart, shining.
Eyes cannot find light without being
first blinded.
In my happiness, a young phoenix
charcoal-kissed, singing in darkness.
I kick-jumped toward you
and missed

and there remained two.

Sand thrown and thumbs bitten; hands ripped and head torn,
a world run and still you lie
in my heart-bed, zero function
a genius Other refusing to die.

An ocean of silence exposing truth.
Like a soiled dove on Eve's ledge I had already fallen
but this love I rest in
a pillow vessel into silent galaxies.

I saw it finally, arising out of the corner of my heart, shining.
Levitating and rotating, a radiant white conch perfect bliss in blue light.
A purity overcoming the verse of she into union with midnight He.

This sun flare will explode you into infinity
if you could See.

If I could look this brightness in the eye I'd come running to die
in its midnight light.

NO MIND OF ME by Shasta McBride

You break my heart in halves of mind.

Amongst all this witching your peaches don’t smile so soft

like they did in meadowed green, counties far from here.
And the scarecrows are bitten by dogs who don’t know the difference.

I can’t make it seem appealing.

I look for ways to fix this; hum the careful melodies familiar to all eyes,

but there’s nothing to be gained by playing that game.

Give it to me so that there’s something to do during these hours of witch
and all the piles of seaweed to sort through make no mind of me.