Arising out the corner of my heart, shining.
Eyes cannot find light without being
first blinded.
In my happiness, a young phoenix
charcoal-kissed, singing in darkness.
I kick-jumped toward you
and missed

and there remained two.

Sand thrown and thumbs bitten; hands ripped and head torn,
a world run and still you lie
in my heart-bed, zero function
a genius Other refusing to die.

An ocean of silence exposing truth.
Like a soiled dove on Eve's ledge I had already fallen
but this love I rest in
a pillow vessel into silent galaxies.

I saw it finally, arising out of the corner of my heart, shining.
Levitating and rotating, a radiant white conch perfect bliss in blue light.
A purity overcoming the verse of she into union with midnight He.

This sun flare will explode you into infinity
if you could See.

If I could look this brightness in the eye I'd come running to die
in its midnight light.