Portrait by Rebecca Culbreth, 2015. 

I am a digital media creative, writer, photographer and visual storyteller. Born in Marin County and raised on the north shore of Kauai in a family of artists, mathematicians, and spiritual seekers. I live in Los Angeles. Contact: shastamcbride at gmail.com. LinkedIn Profile.


Masao Yamamoto, Deborah Turbeville, Graciela Iturbide, Lawrence Durrell, Adi Da Samraj, Roxanne Prescott, Kate McBride, Steven Murashige, Harry Callahan, Henri Lartigue, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Miya Ando, Anais Nin, Susan Sontag, Grace Meredith


Online Visual Story Teller. Creative and Analytical. Loves Art and Story. ENFJ.

I am a Digital Media Creative focused on how we tell an engaging story. I love beauty and how it naturally engages and creates equanimity. I have an entrepreneurial background in web and app design, journalism, social media and SEM marketing campaigns. I like to find new and creative ways for the user to participate and connect with all online mediums and bring events, brands, and stories to life. I am most interested in how a user incorporates their digital media in daily life in an aesthetic and captivating way. I’ve studied English literature, art history, photography, design, art fabrication and worked with most of the well-known creative platforms.

BA, English Literature, Art History, Lewis & Clark College 2002, Store Manager Betsey Johnson, NY 2003, Online Media Manager for B Street Media 2004-2006,  Art Marketing for painter Grace Meredith 2006, Art Assistant for artist Adi Da Samraj 2007, Model for photographers Roxanne Prescott, Steven Murashige, Rebecca Culbreth, Tamarind Free Jones, Ivy Ney 2007-2012, Art Writing for Examiner.com, Peter Frank 2007-2009. Online Marketing, website dev, social media for TWP Financial, Social Media consulting with The Adi Da Foundation, Founder of Gaze Media. 


Creative Work:

"Shasta is a positive force of nature that brings a seemingly endless source of light and energy to those she meets and the projects she takes on. She is genuine to herself and to others which I believe to be one of her greatest qualities." - Steven Murashige, Film Director

"Shasta's natural grace and enthusiasm for creative projects contributed immensely to a successful photographic series we worked on together for well over a year. Her willingness and ability to completely engage in the process made working with her a true pleasure." - Roxanne Prescott, Fine Art Photographer

"Shasta started off as my photographic model and became my fellow collaborator on ensuing photo assignments over the years. I love working with her because she is upbeat and fun, light, and brings a completely refreshing point of view to the environment. She is full of energy while also being very efficient and bringing technical expertise and functionality to the setting." - Tamarind Free Jones, Principal Photographer, Nicoya Water

"Shasta brings ideas into reality and facilitates business goals and actions. For all of the projects we've worked on together over the last five years she has brought tremendous energy and creative thinking to problems large and small. When I have needed her for my projects she always has an “up for anything” attitude and a seemingly unending supply of expansive energy and creative problem solving." - Rebecca Culbreth, Photographer

"Shasta is a powerful light, full of progressive thinking and open to creative direction. She is a pleasure to work with and I always laugh a lot with her." - Carmen Morrow, Film Editor


"Shasta is the trustee to my pension property on Kauai and she was also the trustee to her late father's estate. She is diplomatic and hard working, ethical and consistent. I have nothing but praise for her and look forward to her creative endeavors."  - Daniel Bellin, Daniel Bellin & Associates

"Working with Shasta is both enjoyable and inspirational. She has a wonderfully positive and happy attitude that is contagious, and her approach to work is expansive and creative. She doesn't just do the work that is handed to her, she takes a lot of initiative in finding ways to make everything more streamlined and professional. She has a good eye for beauty which has had a direct effect on our working environment and our image to the outside world. She has actually given us a 'face' on social media that is inviting, effective and beautiful.  Working with Shasta has been very valuable, both personally and professionally." - Aura Bakker, TWP Financial

Volunteer Work: 

"I have seen Shasta repeatedly exemplify leadership, facilitate groups and inspire teams to come together and
stay on point until solutions were found. She has a great analytic mind, balanced by deep intuition, and a sound
understanding of group dynamics.  Over the ensuing four years, Shasta demonstrated class, consistency, happiness, flexibility and effectiveness.  I therefore cannot recommend her more highly."  - Dr. Hugh O'Doherty, Harvard University

"Shasta is highly developed as a person. The effect of this is to make her reliable, drama-free, resilient, but still completely warm and relatable. I sincerely know that anyone with the opportunity to work with Shasta should seize it immediately. She’s that good." - Nathan Otto, Safe Conflict Project Founder

"Shasta McBride and I were colleagues for five years at the Adidam Cooperative Forum, a global, volunteer-based community organization. I admired her ability to listen for agreement, speak her thoughts aloud, and offer encouragement to others. During my tenure as Chair, Shasta was an eager and helpful apprentice in learning how to serve and manage a global community and guide its members into effective action. Her ability to work with social media and her creative disposition led to useful solutions." - Magdalena Valderrama, Director, Seigler Springs Community Redevelopment Association

"Shasta is a versatile and creative thinker who stays current with the latest trends in social media, technology and Internet communication.  Shasta is serious about her work and at the same time easy to work with.  She is a good communicator and very forthright with her ideas and thoughts." - Leah Fleisher, The Adi Da Foundation  

"Shasta brings beauty and light to every life she touches." - Jonathan Cobb, Social Media Project Manager, ADQ

Awards and Recognition:

Honolulu  Museum Ansel Adams Contest Winner. Nov 2013 

Amazon Kindle sales of 797 copies of The Shop Girl Sonnets in its debut month April 2013.