The Goldfish With Extraordinary Eyes



As told to me by Ritch, August 6, 2013

They visit Sam at Agnews State Hospital. It’s a long drive from Carmel and Ritchie carries a goldfish in a plastic bag to show him.

His Old Man is a water color artist and doesn't always stay in this reality. The boy is scared but wants to show him that the goldfish is bright and orange and mysterious with its extraordinarily round eye balls.

The boy becomes worried as he walks through the parking lot with his mother and brothers. He worries that the fish may not have enough oxygen in the water. The boy thinks the fish may not be getting what it needs to live. To breathe. The fish needs attention. Carefully little Ritchie opens the bag to let the air in, but it slips! The water spills out.

The sprinklers on the state hospital lawn are shooting water every which way. Whirring, whipping water on the dry California grass. The boy runs into the water storm and refills the bag while the fish is in it likely bewildered. Ritchie only cares about the bright orange goldfish and showing his Old Man the extraordinary eyes of the fish. The boy watches the fish eyes as he fills the bag with water pellets, all the while ignoring the shouts from his mother. He is determined that this fish see Sam so Sam can see his orange shimmering body and bulging happy eyes.