Kenji Yoshida | La Vie

Kenji Yoshida | La Vie via October Gallery

Kenji Yoshida, La Vie, via October Gallery. 1. Dusa Jesih, saatchiart 2. Onyx via 50Watts 3. Lanvin 4. Tom Dixon via abc home 5. Alain Douillard | Steel and Leather Chair, 1970 via 6. artist unknown via iconosquare 7. unamed image via Caroline Daily Paris 8. Brass incense holder via OK the Store 9. home decor by

Miya Ando |Red Moon Mandala

Miya Ando | Mandala via Miya Ando

Miya Ando, Red Moon Mandala at Madison Galleries. 1. Walead Beshty, White Curl via Galerie Rodolfe Jannson 2. Pearl pin via dupuisblog 3. Georgia O'Keefe via wiki paintings 4. Ruby and diamond brooch by Cartier 5. Models by lavelaundry 6. Hans Kotter, 'Chromatic Plants,' 2011, De Buck Gallery via Artsy  7. Bikini chair designed by Garth Chester, 1956, Auckland, New Zealand. Steel frame with original red vinyl upholstery. Collection of Auckland Museum  8. A DECORATIVE GEMSET SPINACH-GREEN NEPHRITE HANDLE INDIA, LATE 19TH/EARLY 20TH CENTURY Of tubular form slightly flaring towards the pommel, the bulbous pommel inlaid with rows of gold wire, the handle with gemset flower buds, a row of inset diamonds above and below via Christies 9. Bianca Jagger ring via 1stdibs

Matt Waples | Photo Paint | Fuschia

"Photographic Paintings Using Light and Miscellaneous Liquids" is a series combining timed exposures (5-20 min) in ambient light, with an extraneous liquid applied to the film plane before development. This liquid is completely unnecessary and superfluous to the process. However, the unnecessary liquid stimulates a chemical reaction that produces an almost painterly layer incorporated into the original, photographed image. via Matt Waples

1. Matt Waples via matt waples 2. Matt Waples via matt waples 3.Lisa Oppenheim, 'Language of Flowers (Regret, VI),' 2011, Galerie Juliètte Jongma via artsy 4. Walead Beshty via contemporary art daily 5. artspace 6. Richard Calidicott here 7. In the hallway gallery of Muriel Brandolini's Hamptons retreat, a Sol LeWitt painting hangs above François Bauchet cabinets from Galerie Kreo via AD 8.Donald Judd via David Zwirner 9. Kate Shepherd - Red Print #2B, Print via Artspace 10. Red Print #33b, 2011 by Kate Shepherd via artspace 11. “Chance/Fall” photography series, by Richard Caldicott via Plenty of Colour 12. Eric Cahan via Benrubi Gallery

Jan Dibbets | Dark Blue 1976/2012

JAN DIBBETS, Dark Blue, 1976/2012, From the series New Color Studies, Colour photograph laminated to dibond, 99 9/10 × 50 7/10 in, 253.7 × 128.7 cm. Edition of 2, ALAN CRISTEA GALLERY, London: +44 20 7439 1866

Jan Dibbets | Dark Blue 1976/2012

Images evoke feeling. The images in this collection are inspired by Jan Dibbets's stunning and starry work Dark Blue 1976/2012 found on Artsy. Artist is represented by the Alan Cristea Gallery in London.

1. Charles Grogg, 'Crema No. 20,' 2013, Wall Space Gallery via Artsy 2. Zac Posen Fall 2013 via Vogue 3. Midnight Sunstone Gold Necklace - Limited Edition, Out of stock • $79 via Etsy 4. Garry Fabian Miller, 'The Night Cell - Winter,' 2009-2010, Ingleby Gallery via Artsy 5.  mark borthwick "if we're pioneers" via anaïse 6.Florent Tanet - Suprême Bon Ton via Mirella Bruno 7. Zoya Pixie dust nail polish via total beauty 8. Stone Henge, 2013, by Salomé de Fontainieu via Artsy 9. Cyanotype 09 by Alexander Hamilton via Candida Stevens

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Marilyn Minter | Breathless

Marilyn Minter | Breathless

Marilyn Minter | Breathless via Artsy

1. Cortana's Bridal collection via burnettsboards  2.  Becca B by Jaclyn Adams in 'Vanishing Skies' for 3. Peter Lippman "Waterplants" Found on 4. Irving Penn, Persian Violet Cyclamen/ Cyclamen persicum (New York) via on 5. Tom Ford Black Orchid  Found on 6. Forbidden Fruits, gooseberry // photographer: Peter Lippmann Found on 7. ˚Ol’ Blue Eyes by Bruce Wyma Found on 8. Angela Friedman Musette robe purple Found on 9. Blackberry Frozen Yogurt // Bill Granger Found on


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