Matt Waples | Photo Paint | Fuschia

"Photographic Paintings Using Light and Miscellaneous Liquids" is a series combining timed exposures (5-20 min) in ambient light, with an extraneous liquid applied to the film plane before development. This liquid is completely unnecessary and superfluous to the process. However, the unnecessary liquid stimulates a chemical reaction that produces an almost painterly layer incorporated into the original, photographed image. via Matt Waples

1. Matt Waples via matt waples 2. Matt Waples via matt waples 3.Lisa Oppenheim, 'Language of Flowers (Regret, VI),' 2011, Galerie Juliètte Jongma via artsy 4. Walead Beshty via contemporary art daily 5. artspace 6. Richard Calidicott here 7. In the hallway gallery of Muriel Brandolini's Hamptons retreat, a Sol LeWitt painting hangs above François Bauchet cabinets from Galerie Kreo via AD 8.Donald Judd via David Zwirner 9. Kate Shepherd - Red Print #2B, Print via Artspace 10. Red Print #33b, 2011 by Kate Shepherd via artspace 11. “Chance/Fall” photography series, by Richard Caldicott via Plenty of Colour 12. Eric Cahan via Benrubi Gallery