Sandra Cinto | Sem Título


Sandra Cinto | Sem Título

Sandra Cinto presents mesmerizing, engulfing images of the sea, sky, and natural elements as visual metaphors for the odyssey of life. Journeys fascinate Cinto. Though she has produced small-scale works, she is best known for her room-filling installations, covering entire walls with her graphic renderings of roiling waves, twinkling stars, or pouring rain. Central to all of her work is the cycle of life—her own and that of the viewers immersed in her imagery. Read more from Artsy here.

1. I Want You, 2013, by Norman Mooney via Artsy 2. Kiki Smith via 3. Pr. rock crystal obelisks, raised on rectangular rock crystal stepped bases. 22"H, Circa - 20th C. via 4. La bague Triple Burst en diamants d'Azlee via 5. Jean-Claude Mahey, 'Pair of Cabinets,' ca. 1970, Maison Gerard via Artsy 6. Northern Hemisphere Double Old Fashioned Glass via Barneys 7. Sea Urchin Salt Dish via ABCHome 8. Mirit Weinstock Umbrella Cocktail Earrings from Anaïse 9. Paul Chan, American Journey via Artspace

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